Patty is a green version of Bomb, and is a member of Holiday Birds. He has green plumage, eye underparts, a beak and a belly that are all piggy green, brown eyebrows, curly orange hair, and a leprechaun hat. Patty is selfish, greedy, and short-tempered. Patty loves St. Patrick's Day (AKA Piggy's Day) and is greedy when it comes to gold and money, or bird coins. He just wants to be rich. Patty can explode, just like other Bomb models.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Leprechaun Bird, Green Black Bird, Greedy Bird

Anger Level: Outraged

What makes him angry: Other birds taking his bird coins and having to pay for things, and pigs

Powers: Exploding with a bunch of bird coins coming out

Hobbies: "Swimming" in piles of bird coins and collecting bird coins

Best friend: Shawn

Favorite Holiday: Shawn

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