Bradmeister is a light blue version of Chuckmeister, and is a member of New Custom Birds. He has light blue plumage and a brown belly. Bradmeister is bigoted, creative, and secure. Bradmeister hates being mocked by his cousin Bradley. He is skilled at animations and he never forgets anything; he has such good memory.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Cousin of Bradley, Bigoted Bird #2 (since Tom hates being made fun of more)

Anger Level: Testy

What makes him angry: Being made fun of by Bradley (he can't express his bigotedness to others besides Bradley)

Powers: Causing light blue fumes and memory flashes

Hobbies: Making animations and spending time with Bradley (though he has a crush on Karina)

Best friend: Karina and Bradley

Favorite Holiday: Easter

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