Bird Ninja is a new game from OFunnyGames.

Characters and AbilitiesEdit

  • Red - Flys around.
  • Jay - Is on the lookout for Pigs.
  • Chuck - Goes faster than others.
  • Bomb - When tapped, the blood out of him explodes.
  • Matilda - When tapped, she leaves an egg wich quickly slides to the left.
  • Al - Flys Reverse.
  • Terence - Same as Red.
  • Pig - Jumps around.


1. What a Sweet Night

2. Breakin' Bacon

3. The City of Eggs


  • This was also not to show the Pigs (exept for Minion), FanBirds, and FanPigs.
  • This is based on Fruit Ninja.

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